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Aries is a cardinal fire energy. This heat will bring some much needed electricity and passion into the Cosmos. Since the Great Conjunction that occurred on December 21/2020, we have experienced an influx of air energy in the Cosmos. This was more than evident during the Aquarius New Moon when six of the ten planets were in Aquarius. 


Since then, we have been moving between our heads and our hearts. Pisces Season brought us back into our emotions, which was very triggering for some. It elicited feelings of Imposter Syndrome, lack of Self Worth, as well as a stark turbulence in our Mental & Spiritual Health. 


Aries Season is here to break us out of tired self-imposed restrictions and give us that kick in the ass we need to get things moving. Passion, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Determination, and Action are all keywords that represent Aries. And, regarding Astrological Dignity, the Sun is exalted in Aries and is able to give us all a boost of much needed confidence (Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius - will greatly benefit from this energy). 


Give that there are no retrogrades during this Aries Season, it is the green light and positive overarching energy we have all wanted. Venus ingresses into Aries on March 21, and Mercury ingresses into Aries on April 4. As this happens, you will feel your thoughts, feelings, and actions all aligned to what you desire most. 


Now is the time to ask yourself where you truly wish to focus this energy. 


Remember, there is no “wrong” answer - if you feel called to direct all this energy towards self-care and rest, that is exactly what you are meant to do. 


A big pitfall that we all are prone to falling into is the mindset of comparison, unhealthy competition with others, and simply letting our Ego take over. Given the competitive, fiery energy of Aries, please be careful not to allow this shadow aspect to consume you. 


With Jupiter being in Aquarius throughout this entire season, all those with prominent Aries Energy will feel his blessings at some point (especially around your Solar Return). This is further amplified as Venus will be travelling through Aries between March 21-April 14. 


Speaking of Venus - she is much more self and pleasure focused while in Aries. She isn’t as concerned with harmonious connections and relationships. This can manifest in a more masculine/primary way of approaching love and sex. Those with heavy Mars/Martian energy in their Natal Chart will appreciate this uptick in their sexual energy, but please be careful. This energy can feed into toxic behaviour of perfectionism, escapism through sex, and others simply using you for your body/status and nothing else. 


Mercury will be in Pisces until April 4 when it will then zoom through Aries in a matter of two weeks. If you want to launch something new, or simply be bold and forward with demands or requests with a superior at work - Mercury’s stay in Aries between April 4-18 will be your window. 


As you can tell, this Aries Season is going to be spicy. I firmly believe that some things will start to open up. If they don’t do so before April 4, I think the people will take matters into their own hands. Aries is not known for their patience or following mundane orders.


Lastly, this forward movement of Fire Energy is great for getting your physical health back on track, or elevating it to the next level. I would highly recommend focusing on this part of your well-being to further bring in vitality, confidence, and stamina into your day-to-day activities. 


Aries Season brings with it the Energetic New Year. What are you wishing to accomplish over the next twelve months? The choice is always yours.


Be bold, and simply go after what it is you want without apologizing or needing approval from others. 

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Matthew Baniak




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