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A Holistic Experience to Still and Transform the Mind, Body, and Soul.

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My intention for every client I serve, no matter how long we work together, is to elevate their energetic frequency. I truly aspire to change my clients' lives through my knowledge of the cosmos, tarot, spiritual gifts, and the energetic principles that govern the human experience our souls are currently having.



Still Water Alchemy offers services and products to benefit the mind, body, and soul.
By enhancing these elements in conjunction, each individual walks away with tools to elevate their energetic frequency to attract the clarity, alignment, and blessings that they seek.


Still Water Alchemy offers services to benefit the mind, body, and soul. By enhancing each of these aspects, every individual walks away with tools to elevate their current status in life. We are locally based out of Toronto, Canada where we hold workshops around Tarot, the Full Moon, and Astrology. For all of our services, we can connect locally or via distance. I have close to a decade's worth of experience around Tarot and am continually practicing and sharpening my craft. I hold a Master's Degree in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia where I specialized in Sports Nutrition. It is my mission to transform all aspects of my clients' health so that they surpass even their own expectations and self imposed limitations.



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What they are saying about Still water Alchemy.

My first session with Matthew at Still Water Alchemy was a Natal Chart reading and I learned so much about myself! I have replayed the recording of my reading several times to make notes because he provided so much information in our hour long session and I didn’t want to miss any details. It spurred my fascination with Astrology and also helped me to understand myself on a deeper level. I loved Matthew’s vibe right away and decided to book some coaching sessions with him to help connect more with my purpose and figure out what my next steps would be with my career. Each session left me feeling empowered, encouraged, and motivated to keep moving in the direction of my dreams. Matthew provided so many tools that I still use daily as reminders of my own power and also taught me a lot about the unique aspects of my chart that I can capitalize on (as well the ones to be wary of). I would highly recommend working with Matthew if you’re feeling stuck and in need of some guidance and accountability. Since working with him I have felt more in flow and aligned with my path. Well worth the investment and I look forward to more Still Water sessions in the future!

- Claire Davis

Matthew was a HUGE support on my journey to empowering myself, unlocking hidden talents, releasing the past, and finding structure moving forward. I check in with him frequently just to make sure my energy is going into the right things and he never ceases to amaze me! I highly recommend him!!


My time with Matthew of Still Water Alchemy was nothing short of spectacular! I was referred to him through a friend after I noticed a huge change in her and her life. I was feeling "lost at sea" at the time and I needed some direction, so I took a chance on a life coaching package. It was one of the best investments I've ever made! Within the first session I could feel my energy already changing and I was already feeling more hopeful. I accomplished so much in the few months we worked together. I dumped a toxic relationship, created new boundaries, started feeling like a boss bitch again, launched my own business, changed the outlook on my life and what could be achieved. Matthew pushed me to take leaps and grow in a very supportive, loving and fun environment. His tarot and astrology are always on point and I just love how passionate he is about helping people! He still continues to inspire me daily. I would recommend anyone who needs some direction , inspiration or a push in life to Matthew. 10/10 one of the most meaningful times and relationships of my life.

-Shea Carnegie

Stepping into the light of your personal truth and power is not for the faith of heart. Without the guidance and encouragement from Matthew of Still Water Alchemy, I would not be where I am currently sitting in my life’s journey. Matthew’s dedication to detail and thirst for knowledge of tarot, universal energy and astrology allows him to bring himself fully to every reading and coaching session. Every insight he has given me to better understand my internal energies, emotions and habitual patterns has helped me better navigate the universal energies that are currently surrounding us all. Thus, I am pushing myself where and when I need to ‘push’ and harvesting a healthier internal dialogue to take on the world with a clearer vision of what I want to achieve most. I encourage anyone to reach out to Still Water Alchemy for a tarot reading at MINIMUM to begin to unlock their greater personal power and step into their own spotlight.

- Frances Young

I initially saw Matthew for tarot readings, and later moved on to life coaching sessions. Matthew goes above and beyond in many ways such as decoding my dreams, giving me the tools to protect my energy and, reword my thoughts to align best with attaining my goals. Since meeting Matthew I’ve made huge strides in my relationship and career goals. Only a few weeks after our first life coach session I received something I had been manifesting for years. I always leave our sessions feeling confident and uplifted. I’m more secure in my future now knowing even if I stray off path Matthew is always one call away from guiding me in the right direction!

- Rachel L

Matthew of Still Water Alchemy has been a huge blessing to me on my spiritual path, from his monthly tarot pulls for each sign, his amazing birth chart reading and moon workshops. All of these services along with his beautiful spirit have led me to once again put myself out there and get back to my own spiritual calling. He is literally a godsend and I will continue to refer others to him for all of his services. The reciprocal interaction is refreshing in these present times. Forever grateful for the work he does! Best investment I made in 2020.

- Athena Q

I've had several readings with Matthew and each time is better than the last. He's grown so much on his spiritual journey. I love his little insights and visions. He is very connected and grounded, which makes it comfortable to share/open up, when being vulnerable isn't easy. Thanks Matthew!


Working with Matthew has been life-changing. His intuitive ability to read and interpret the ancient wisdoms from tarot and astrology and translate them into meaningful, real-life insights is truly unparalleled. The clarity I have gained from his guidance and life-coaching has helped me clear my internal chaos and build a successful online business and navigate life better in general.
 Matthew's patience, passion, and pragmatism make him a natural at helping you get out of your own way and develop the confidence and tools you need to stand up and start living your BEST LIFE! If you are looking to level up and starting getting the best out of yourself and LIFE, you MUST book in with Matthew!


When I attended the beautiful Full Moon workshop Matthew held, he introduced me to his skills and impressively invited me to his tarot reading world.
 Matthew's view and interpretation of my cards really gave me a better understanding of what was happening in my life. He's extremely professional and super respectful and made me super comfortable during my first experience. I enjoy his positive, inspiring energy very much - I highly recommend his services!!


He has already become what we are all striving to be - naturally intuitive and fully in tune with the energies around us. I am very particular with who I share my energy with, but I was drawn to him. I'm so grateful that I listed to my gut, because his love and reading were exactly what I needed, but was too afraid to ask. You're doing yourself a favour by using his services!




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