Reveal Your Truth

A Holistic Experience to Still and Transform the Mind, Body, and Soul. 

Be Still


Uncanny insight into personality outside of the card reading!!!

Dennis Angyal

Accurate, detailed, and interesting. My reading was encouraging and insightful, and helped solidify that my decisions and the path I'm going on are right. Looking forward to making more connections with him in the future. 

Ellise Watling

Accurate and spot on and honestly really validating and affirming. I feel like I have more perspective on my life. 

Lindsey Hanselmann

Matt's readings are always a blast. He does such a great job of translating the reading in a way that is meaningful to my life and my intensions. I always feel such a renewed sense of affirmation after his readings!


He has already become what we are all striving to be - naturally intuitive and fully in tune with the energies around us. I am very particular with who I share my energy with, but I was drawn to him. I'm so grateful that I listed to my gut, because his love and reading were exactly what I needed, but was too afraid to ask. You're doing yourself a favour by using his services, not the opposite. 

Kiran Bissoon

When I attended the beautiful Full Moon workshop Matthew introduced me to his skills and impressively invited me to his tarot reading world.

Matthew's view and interpretation of my cards really gave me a better understanding of what is happening in my life. He's extremely professional and super respectful and made me super comfortable during my first experience. I enjoy his positive, inspiring energy very much - I highly recommend his services!!


I've had several readings with Matthew and each time is better than the last. He's grown so much on his spiritual journey. I love his little insights and visions. He is very connected and grounded, which makes it comfortable to share/open up, when being vulnerable isn't easy. Thanks Matthew!


My experience with Still Water Alchemy has been nothing short of amazing. Matthew is Magical. His intuitive use and interpretation of Tarot is unique, yet powerful.

My readings were insightful and unlike any I had received before; Matthew is the epitome of modern mysticism. I highly recommend his guidance for those who are curious about Tarot and are down to to receive some real truths about themselves and their journeys. 

Sherryne, Owner of Unalune

Working with Matthew has been life-changing. His intuitive ability to read and interpret the ancient wisdoms from tarot and astrology and translate them into meaningful, real-life insights is truly unparalleled. The clarity I have gained from his guidance and life-coaching has helped me clear my internal chaos and build a successful online business and navigate life better in general.

Matthew's patience, passion, and pragmatism make him a natural at helping you get out of your own way and develop the confidence and tools you need to stand up and start living your BEST LIFE! If you are looking to level up and starting getting the best out of yourself and LIFE, you MUST book in with Matthew!

Aisha, Founder of AishaFit