Jupiter in Aries Webinar

Jupiter in Aries Webinar

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Jupiter re-enters Aries on December 20/2023 where it will stay until May 16/2023. Given that Jupiter is the greater benefic planet, understanding the blessings we reap and how to full capitalize on this transit will only aid you when planning out your year ahead. 


Within this offering, I will be detailing the main principles of Jupiter in Aries, Themes and Symbolisms connected to 2023, and key auspicious dates to fully capitalize on this transit. The Video Portion of this webinar is 50 Minutes. The Workbook included also offers additional Journal Prompts, Affirmations, and Homework to further integrate the lessons of Jupiter in Aries. 


This is your time. Acquire the knowledge to make 2023 the best year of your life to date! 


You Got This!!


- Matthew Oliver


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