Mercury Rx Masterclass

Mercury Rx Masterclass

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Mercury Retrogrades are a hot topic in the field of Astrology as they are the most common Retrograde that occurs out of all the planets (they occur every 3-4 months and last for about three weeks.)

This Masterclass goes beyond the common vernacular discussed with Mercury Retrograde and provides more nuanced ways of moving through this period so that your net gains & blessings far outweigh any delays or frustrations experienced. The material covered in this offering ranges from beginner to intermediate knowledge of Astrology/One's Natal Chart.


The video presentation is approximately 70 minutes long and includes topics surrounding Identity connected to Aries/Mercury in Aries, Myths surrounding Mercury Rx, the Power of our Thoughts & Words, and a Guided Meditation to help calm your mind and focus on the New Identity your are creating at this time. 

Throughout the presentation there are ample prompts for you to pause, reflect, and journal out your thoughts so you can distill & get clear on how you wish to relate to Mercury and their domains moving forward. 


Thank you for your love and support! Enjoy the Masterclass and may Mercury's blessings bestow you throughout this Retrograde more than ever before!!

- Matthew Oliver

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