Eclipse Season 2022: Releasing Fear and Stepping into our Power

Eclipse Season 2022: Releasing Fear and Stepping into our Power

This year the Eclipses are happening on the Taurus-Scorpio Axis. In the past couple weeks, I have already had many clients report many various Eclipse Season Symptoms: Fatigue, Anxiety, Insomnia, Inspiration, Elation, Expansion, and Aligned Wins. 


Eclipses don't play. 


These supercharged lunar events act as catalysts - Brand New Beginnings and Culmination of Energies that no longer serve us. Naturally those with Fixed Sign placements in their charts (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) are going to feel these Eclipses the most, but especially those who have Taurus/Scorpio placements in and around 22 degrees in their Natal Chart. 


The first Eclipse we have is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on Saturday, April 30/2022. With the Sun's light being blocked out by the Moon, now is your chance to ask yourself, "Where am I not feeling seen?"

This can be in relationships, work, family, community, or even your own being - are you not seeing your own worth, beauty, talent, or potential? 


Further Questions to ask yourself include:

1) What changes are needed at this time? 

2) How can I partake in more pleasure and romance, trusting that I am already enough?

3) Am I allowing myself to rest fully, or working non-stop in fear of that my hopes and dreams will not come true? 


I see this many times with my clients - they wish to receive, but they are exhausted and non indulging in any pleasure. The body needs ample time to rest, release, and recalibrate - especially during Eclipse Season. And, no surprise, many are getting sick right now. 


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, on May 16/2022, is going to be even more intense as the Moon will be opposing Uranus - unexpected emotional intensity brought from the depths of our soul. I am positive many revelations will be begging to come to the surface. If you are one to suppress the emotional work needed to expand, that Lunar Eclipse may be more cathartic than you realize. 


With Eclipses, it is best to sit back and see what comes to the surface. You may be the receiver or massive downloads, or receive new insight by proxy of others (Ex. get offered a promotion because your superior is now "suddenly" moving across the country). 


If you are curious on learning more about these Eclipses in depth (including the infamous question - "Should I manifest under an Eclipse?!") we have many resources for you to invest into, including our Eclipse Season Package with includes both our Taurus New Moon Eclipse Workshop, and the Eclipse Series Webinar! More details can be found under our Service Tab! 


As with any Astrological event, these energies are always propelling you towards your soul purpose. Please listen to your intuition - if you need to rest, rest. Do not feel bad for having to cancel plans last minute if you are exhausted. You body (and soul) will thank you later. 


Lastly, now is the time to reach out and ask for help when you need it - whether that is from a Physical, Mental, or Spiritual place. With the veils being very thin during Eclipse Season, the time/energy/money you invest into yourself and your healing is the greatest investment you can make. 


I am sending you ALL the love, and additional blessings to my Fixed Sign angels, as we navigate this mystical terrain. 


You Got This!!


- Matthew



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