Eclipse Season Pit Stop - Montreal

Eclipse Season Pit Stop - Montreal

During Eclipse Season, it is said the veils between timelines and the Physical/Metaphysical realms are thin. For those of us walking this spiritual path, the intuitive downloads are intense and very obvious. A week before the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse I felt very strongly that I needed to go to Montreal. Within the next twenty four hours I had my accommodation secured and three clients booked in. 


The Universe works fast when you surrender.


That next week went by in the blink of an eye, and before I knew it I was off to Montreal. Due to the pandemic, I had not driven a vehicle since 2019. So, that was fun being back on the road. You really get to see what messages are coming through - from license plate numbers, to songs on the radio. At one point I was thinking of one of my favourite clients and then I looked down and saw that the time was 1:11PM. 


I always take angel numbers, no matter what they are, as a wink from the Universe. That whatever I am thinking about in that moment is aligned. 


This trip was very divinely guided, but also very work heavy. I arrived at my AirBNB at 3PM, and had a client call lined up for 4PM. While on the road, certain thoughts did cross my mind, "What if you hit bad traffic? What if you get in an accident? What if, What if..."

But then I decided to just honour the journey and have fun with it. I may have made one or two wrong turns along the way, but I always encountered angels along the way who helped me out. I find people are quite nice and are willing to help you out. For this, I am always grateful. 


The Ascension symptoms were not lost on me. I slept a lot during this trip to make sure my health was optimal to serve my clients at full capacity. Having the experience of seeing many of my long standing clients in person was a joy. The readings came out extremely clear and having that time with them was incredible.  


I also felt the energy of Montreal was a complete 180 from when I was last there in 2018. To me, it felt like a flower that had wilted and needed some extra sun and water to be reborn. Remember that you too are no longer the same person you once were last week, last month, or last year. Never mind from before the pandemic. These Eclipses are really asking us all to examine what changes need to be done in our lives to receive the blessings we have always wanted. 


Sometimes these changes are not easy. 


It means standing in our power, knowing our worth, and not being afraid of saying no or handling rejection ourself to know where additional work needs to be put in. 


In true Taurus fashion, the food and shopping in Montreal was fantastique! On my last day I frolicked down Rue Saint-Laurent and found so many cute stores and beautiful murals. Some of the best restaurants/cafes, in my opinion, include Bloom Sushi (super cute Vegan Sushi), Cafe Olimpico in Old Montreal, Cafe Collective, Larry's, Les Pyrenees, and Monarque. Palma was one of my favourite boutique shops on Rue Saint Laurent - two sisters own the shop. The one is an Aries Rising with Mars in Gemini - and, she is a Metalsmith (of course). Lovely shop with such incredible energy. A must if you ever are in Montreal. 


Where are you feeling called to grow and expand at this time? We just experienced the Sun-Uranus cazimi in Taurus and are on the heels of Mercury Retrograde. A time of pause, reflection, and evolution are upon us. Taking time each day to honour this evolution is key. 


Please, please, please be sure to rest and get quality care to restore your physical, mental, and spiritual faculties. I have found that I myself am needed more rest than usual as copious amounts of downloads are coming in all at once. It's a lot for the physical body to handle and fatigue/illness is likely if we do not take care of ourselves. Especially for all those reading with prominent Scorpio energy in your chart - the Lunar Eclipse coming up in Mid May will be a doozie (to put it mildly). More on that soon. 


For now, enjoy this Eclipse Season and soak up the dreams, downloads, and beauty that are all around us. If you are still enough, you will find everything you desire. 


You Got This!!

- Matthew

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