Manifesting with the Moon

Manifesting with the Moon

Around prominent lunations (New Moons, Full Moons, Eclipses) I get the same questions all the time, "I haven't had a chance to sit down and get grounded with this _______, Is it too late to do ritual work/manifest/partake in a workshop?"


Remember, you can't miss out on what's already yours. 


Discipline, and creating a practice that feels good for you, is far more crucial. 


With regards to the Astrology, the Moon has eight different phases. She stays in each phase for approximately 3.5 days. Thus, if you don't partake in a New Moon or Full Moon ritual on the actual day of the lunation you aren't missing out at all. In fact, if you think of the Moon representing health and energy, it is often best to examine the transits to see how the planets support magic and manifestation with each individual lunation. 

For example, with the most recent Cancer New Moon we had on June 28/2022 (or June 29, depending on your timezone), the Moon was in her home sign of Cancer making a square with Jupiter in Aries (Jupiter is the planet of Expansion, Benevolence, and Higher Knowledge). The Sun was also in Cancer, and thus there was also a very powerful mutually receptive square between the Sun and Jupiter.


The exact moment the moon entered her New Moon phase was 10:52PM EST on June 28/2022. So we know that the Moon was still be in her "New Moon" phase until July 2/2022. And, between July 1-2, the Moon is in Leo making very powerful trine based aspects to Jupiter and Mars in Aries (Mars also being in his home sign of Aries). Furthermore, Mercury and Venus are in Gemini, an air sign, which connect beautifully the Moon, Jupiter, and Mars. 


As we can see, this particular New Moon has many layers of beauty and magic to it. But, in my opinion, using the time when the Moon is in Leo making a trine to Jupiter (July 1st) would be a potent day for magic and spell work, especially through the use of candles, journalling, spells, affirmation, visualization, exercise, sex, or a combination of them all (targeting Air and Fire magic to take advantage of the planets in Aries, Gemini, and Leo post this Cancer New Moon). 


This ritual work can be as simple as lighting a candle and journalling your emotions and intentions for the next six months. Or, you can give gratitude to your body by going for a walk in your favourite neighbourhood. While doing so, you can envision yourself living in that neighbourhood and noting what intuitive downloads come through at that time. 


Personally, with any lunation (or before doing major spell/ritual work) I will do a very thorough deep-clean of my space. When you wish to welcome new energy/love/money into your life, you need to ensure there is energetic space for it to land. Keep old, expired, or stagnant energy in your physical or spiritual space is counter-productive when manifesting. This can also be a physical purge and cleanse through nutrition via reducing/eliminating processed foods, sugars, alcohol, gluten, and caffeine for a few days to see how that affects your intuition and energy levels accordingly. 


As always, I am an inordinate advocate for trusting your intuition and using tools, rituals, spells to enhance your intuition accordingly (regardless of what astrological transit may be happening). Spell work can be as simple (and powerful) as daily gratitude, and telling someone you care about how much you love and appreciate them. But, as mentioned at the start of this post, having discipline and showing up in a consistent manner to understand the flow of energy around lunations (in this example) is key. 


Allow yourself to have fun with this process and try different modalities to find what works best for you. Personally, I just bought a massive candle that I am going to be burning all weekend long while channeling the downloads for the next six months of my life. 


If you would like additional resources to navigate these Astrological Transits - we have our New Moon and Full Moon Workshops available on our website, and our Week Ahead Astrology Breakdowns available every Monday on our Youtube Channel! 


You Got This!!

- Matthew






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