Paradigm Shift: Gemini New Moon

Paradigm Shift: Gemini New Moon

I discovered my passion for running in high school. I loved smashing through personal bests and having that time of solitude as I went on my daily run. However, I would incurred many overuse injuries. Fast forward to my late twenties where one injury was so bad that I couldn't even walk - I had a level 2 sprain on my MCL. The reason? My shoes were warn out. I had been running on shoes that were not supporting my body. I spent thousands of dollars on physiotherapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy to get my knee back to full strength. I remember hearing the clicking of my knee as I would walk up stairs for months. It was a brutal recovery that all could have been prevented had I just treated myself to nice, new shoes to support my fitness endeavours. 


Now I regularly buy new running shoes, no questions asked (along with many other pairs of shoes each year, let's be honest). 


I neglected buying new shoes, in the past, because of the my past conditioning. That if things were "good enough" why invest into something new? That mindset and paradigm shifted many moons ago. Let's do the math. Investing $150 on new shoes each year is significantly cheaper than paying thousands of dollars on body treatments. Treatments I needed so I could walk normally again. 


It's a no brainer.


Just like most things in life, tweaking just one mindset allows for an abundance of joy and pleasure to ensue. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way, and sometimes we have to learn said lesson over and over again until we finally have a firm enough resolve to make the change permanent. 


What changes are you feeling at this time? 


This Gemini New Moon comes at a peculiar time as Mercury is finishing its Retrograde and both Venus and Mars are in their home signs. Mars in Jupiter in Aries are also in positive aspect to the Sun and Moon in Gemini. Are your thoughts aligned with your actions, or do you need time to reset and recalibrate yourself to a high frequency? 


If you want to experience higher love, how can you place yourself in environments to receive such energy? 


If you crave more pleasure, what activities do you need to make a priority moving forward? 


If you are calling in more money, what mindsets and knowledge are waiting you to allow those gold coins to roll straight into your bank account? 


I always say that the astrological transits are "poetic" - once you tap into the transits, lunations, and retrogrades you truly understand the periods of expansion and contraction. We are finishing a major contractive state as Eclipse Season comes to an end and Mercury finishes its retrograde. I promise you the Astrology of June is very, very prosperous. Many of the planets are in their home signs and its the green light for the Collective to resume. In the past week I have had many success stories from clients current, and past, who are all out achieving their dreams and/or ending cycles that no longer serve them. It's extremely inspiring to witness, and further proof that the work works!


If you are wanting to elicit change in your life, this is the week to do so. Take advantage of this New Moon energy to plant new seeds, seek out higher knowledge, and adapt your mind to the frequency you've always wanted. If you would like a resource to help with this, including a meditation to clear your Throat and Crown Chakras, your Gemini New Moon Workshop is available under our Services tab.


Allow this week to be life changing. Give yourself the permission to surprise yourself and go after everything you've ever wanted. If you want to do the work, I will always be here to support and cheer you on. Always! 


You Got This!!

- Matthew



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