Pluto Packs a Punch

Pluto Packs a Punch

Pluto Packs a Punch


I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same way, but I feel like we’ve already lived an entire year in the past 6 weeks. I attribute a lot of this intense change and alchemy to Pluto, which ingressed into Aquarius on January 20. With the recent Aquarius New Moon we had on Friday, it is likely many of you are completely shifting how and where you are growing and evolving.


I have already mentioned this on the current Week Ahead Astrology Breakdown; but, moving forward, I will no longer be creating the Week Aheads, or the New/Full Moon Workshops on my YouTube page. When I was recently in New York, many different truths and versions of myself were being reflected back to me. And, I know that I must pivot in many areas of my life to let greater light, power, and clarity in. That’s the thing with Pluto transits, we must let go of something (an old version of ourselves) before the new version can emerge. Just like when the butterfly leaves the chrysalis and gains the ability to fly.


With Mars currently conjunct Pluto as I type this, you may also feel like certain elements of your life that no longer bring passion, drive, or excitement must be released to soar higher. For some, this may be relationships. For others, it may obligations or past commitments to work, home, community, etc. To hone in on where this exactly will manifest, be sure to check the Houses in your Natal Chart ruled by Aries & Scorpio. These House topics will be shifting and will require your attention at the start of this week. 


Furthermore, Venus ingresses into Aquarius and thus also meets with Pluto on Friday of this week (February 16.) Here you will face impending truth around Venus’ domains of Love, Beauty, Pleasure, and Creativity. Again, ask yourself what needs to be let go to make space for something new? And, be sure to look at the Libra and Taurus ruled parts of your Natal Chart as Venus’ connection with Pluto will be affecting those houses over this upcoming weekend


When we experience any type of death, there is a period of mourning, sadness, and even fear that can take place. “How are we supposed to move on? Why did this happen to me? What if I don’t have the strength to continue?” This type of pain and uncertainty is normal. And, this experience happens when we go through an Ego Death as well. Ego deaths, in my experience, are very common with Pluto transits. So, please be kind to yourself if you are navigating heavy truths and massive change over this upcoming week.


Remember to reach out for support when you need it. Sometimes all you need is one text, one call, or one hug to know and feel that everything is going to be ok.


You Got This!!

- Matthew Oliver

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