Post Eclipse Care

Post Eclipse Care

The ruling planet of this Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is Mars. Mars is currently conjunct Neptune in Pisces. I received numerous messages from people all over the world how thunderstorms and heavy rain have ensued in their home cities over the past 24 hours. I can think of no better manifestation of weather when it comes to Mars and Neptune combined (especially in the sign of Pisces, with the Moon in Scorpio). The element of water is extremely soothing, intuitive, and healing. What are you currently moving through and healing as we come down from this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse? 


Naturally, everyone experiences astrological transits differently, especially Eclipses. Some of you may feel refreshed and aligned knowing exactly what the next step is. Others may need additional time to process and integrate, while a few of you may be undergoing a spiritual purge that can often manifest as cold/flu symptoms (sore throat, fever, fatigue, etc.)


As we know, Mercury is also currently Retrograde until June 3, 2022. For me, this is the most opportune time to slow down and re-evaluate all major areas of our lives (especially combined with the energies of Eclipse Season). In case you missed it, I did an IG LIVE demystifying common grievances around Mercury Rx. That video can be found on our IG page. 


In short, Retrogrades are nothing to fear. Yes, technological hiccups can occur with Mercury Rx. However, in my experience, they are here to show us where things can be improved for the better. I once had to call my cell phone distributer during a Mercury Rx and then received a much better rate for more data on my cell phone! Win:Win. Remember our mindset and attitude towards our lives plays just as much a part as the planetary configurations at any given time. 


The lessons of Eclipses can be immediate, or can become more evident in the weeks/months to come. My advise is to take it slow. With Mars in Pisces until May 23rd, our ability to tap into our Dreams and Intuition increases beautifully. Are you feeling called to put more energy towards your Health, Business, Relationships, Home? Trust that that intuitive knowing will guide you to exactly where you need to be.


Lastly, Scorpio transits teach us to go inward and transmute past hurt, betrayal, and deceit which may still be lingering. These past hardships can then cause us to play small, and consciously/subconsciously live in a place of scarcity, fear, and judgement. 


Where do you need to let go of the Past? 


Where can additional healing and love serve you?


How can you increase your Power and Autonomy moving forward? 


If you haven't down so yet, I invite you to journal and address your life at this current moment, and where you wish to see yourself come Scorpio Season this year. The next six moths we have a surge of energy coming in as Jupiter will be working its magic in Aries. Mars will go Retrograde in Gemini on October 31, 2022. So, now is the perfect time to work and act purposefully to achieve the results you desire. 


I see all of you putting in the work. Trust me, I know it can be scary when you are investing massive amounts of energy, money, and time. Believe in your potential, and know you are summoning great strength and courage each time you show up in these spaces and consistently choose Love over Fear. 


Graham Norton shared a quote once on RuPaul's Podcast. He said his mother once told him in his youth, "Graham, all you can do is your best - but be sure to do it."


If we consistently put forth our best effort, we have nothing to fear or regret. And, "our best" includes listening to our body and honouring the rest. Perhaps now, with Mercury Rx, it would be a beautiful time to redefine what your "best" is and make zero allowances or apologies for it as we depart Eclipse Season. 


You Got This!

- Matthew

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