The Benisons of May

The Benisons of May

As we celebrate this Taurus New Moon, it highlights the many benisons of May and how this is the ample time to call in more of what you desire. It is important to notice where your energy (and body) are being called to ground, centre, and receive more expansion around pleasure, love, and security. 


This New Moon is one of the most auspicious and expansive of all of 2024. The Moon is surrounded by both benefic planets (Venus & Jupiter) so it is ideal to look to the Taurus ruled part of your Natal Chart to see exactly where this New Moon energy is calling for a new beginning. 


If you’re reading this and thinking “nothing is happening, where are my benisons?” then ask yourself the following:


  1. Am I grounded? What are my body, mind, and intuition needing at this time to further ground me so that my mind is not running the show based off old programming. 
  2. Are you purposefully choosing to prioritize pleasure, love, and security at this time? Taurus energy is a fixed earth sign that loves routine and stability. Sticking to healthy, expansive, habits and routines will go a long way. 
  3. What do you WANT to expand and grow over the next 6-12 months? There is no time more perfect than now to sit, brainstorm, and call in exactly what your heart yearns for. 


When I’ve worked with clients, the Ego can be rampant as to why they are “so busy” that they cannot partake in daily mental health routines, spiritual hygiene practices, or having conversations with their loved ones to establish new boundaries on their new goals and soul desires. 


These are the bare minimums if you truly want to experience change in your external reality. 


*Mental Health Routines

*Consistent Spiritual Hygiene 

*Clear Communication & Boundaries with Loved Ones


If you’re not willing to actively engage with these three principles on a daily basis, you cannot scapegoat astrology and say “nothing is happening.”


Be still. 


What do you yearn for?


What does your body wish to feel?


What dream is so “stubborn,” and your mind so fixated on, that nothing would ever deter you from achieving it? 


Perhaps this is what you start from, with this New Moon, and build from there. 


And please, please, be sure to prioritize pleasure and comfort. Your body (and mind) needs to feel safe in order to receive. Now, more than ever, planning a day(s) of relaxation, bliss, and simplicity will only aid in your manifestations and clarity moving into the rest of May (which, spoiler alert, having additional INCREDIBLE transits.)


This is what you’ve been working, sacrificing, and waiting for (astrologically speaking.) It may not happen all at once, but this New Moon is a kiss from Goddess that will rapidly accelerate future fertility. Use this time wisely. 


You Got This!!

- MO

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