The Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction

The Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction

I want you to remember where you were in life on December 21/2020. Does this date mean anything at all to you? Did you go through a life-changing evolution, or experience a “once in a lifetime” event? 




December 21/2020 was when we had the notable Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius. I remember many spiritual accounts were even calling it an “ascension portal.” Again, I had many people messaging me saying if they need to worry if they “missed” out on this astrological phenomenon. 


I have similar feelings about this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. 


Yes, it is an extremely auspicious energy. Jupiter is the greater benefic planet in our solar system. Jupiter is in one of its home signs in Pisces, and Neptune is also affiliated and strongly-linked to Pisces as well. Jupiter (expansion) and Neptune (dreams/fantasy) coming together brings a lot of hope, faith, and renewal as to what we are currently creating/wanting to manifest. 


But just like the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, I believe this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will act as catalyst for what is to come. After the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, we saw advancements with the COVID vaccine, NFTs, different restrictions around freedom of speech online, and the expansion of the Metaverse. I trust this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will also bring waves of energy around Spirituality, Creativity, the Entertainment Industry, Medicine, and Love on a macro and micro-scale. 


Remember that both Jupiter and Neptune are slow moving planets. For the past two weeks, Jupiter has been within a 3 degree orb/conjunction of Neptune, and will remain within a 3 degree orb for the remainder of April. If you didn’t feel inspired or have the capacity to set aside time to take advantage of the “once in a lifetime” energy, please do not stress yourself out. 


The Solar and Lunar Eclipses are fast approaching (April 30 & May 16). I would recommend taking time, every day leading up to Eclipse Season, to see where you are intuitively being guided to expand. This is what this Jupiter-Neptune energy is all about. Some of you may have already been experiencing this magic already.


For more specificity on where this energy is likely to show up for you, personally, look to the House in your Natal Chart ruled by Pisces. And, if you have placements in and around 20-26 degrees in Water Signs (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) or Mutable Signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini) you will likely feel the effects of this conjunction more so given the exact Jupiter-Neptune conjunction occurred at 23 degrees Pisces. 


Jupiter-Neptune aspects can bring forth vivid dreams to the surface (in the physical and metaphysical world), expand our creativity, and allow us to deepen and appreciate our spiritual and/or religious practices. However, it can also increase delusion, brain-fog, and the emergence of deceit, lies, and scams - blurring the lines between what is real and what is a fantasy. 


I find it ironic that many people were straddling the line between truth and fantasy when forecasting what this conjunction could mean for the Collective. 


As always, please please please use discernment when acquiring knowledge. We all know that many news sources are simply using click-bait type headlines to grab your attention. It is exciting when we have such powerful astrological transits in the sky, but be sure to always use your intuition first, and then go to trusted sources to expand your knowledge when you feel called to do so. 


A date to watch is Tuesday, April 26/2022. This is because Venus will be at the 23 degree mark of Pisces, conjunct Neptune, Jupiter AND the Moon and Mars will also be in Pisces. It is likely that manifestations could come in very strongly at that point, or a mirroring of what you are currently experiencing right now. We are very close to Eclipse Season, so please double down on resources you need to thrive at this time. The next 4-6 weeks will be very revealing, and will mirror to you all the hard work you have put forth. 


One last musing to leave you with is that you can never miss out on what is already yours, and you can’t lose what was never yours. I am aware that this musing is very Jupiter-Neptune, but think about this - we know time isn’t real. You cannot “miss out” on blessings that are meant for you, and you won’t be able to hold onto an energy that is not aligned for you (or if you do, it will not be very comfortable). Thus, when we have auspicious astrological events in the sky, don’t stress about “missing out” on a “magical portal.” Simply be being your most authentic self in this world and taking accountability for your soul growth, you are already way ahead of the game. 


You Got This! 

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