The Notion of Rest

The Notion of Rest

This year, I decided to take a full week off from work - no clients, no content creation, and overall keeping my time on screens to a minimal. The last time I had done this was in 2019 when I was still operating under Still Water Tarot. I had not taken a full week off of work in almost three years. Even as I type this now it is still mind blowing that this happened, and the fact how quickly our lives flash by.


We live in a time where technology and social media are deeply conditioned and infused into our lives. If we do not take the time to catch ourselves, we can very easily become addicted. 


I'll always remember watching the documentary The Social Dilemma. One of the main things that stuck with me was one of the researchers summarized that we acclimatize and are able to be compared against our tribe (community) but our nervous system was never meant to be compared to the entire world at every waking second. 


Think about for a second. 


At any waking second you can hop on any social media site or news syndication and receive stimulated content that has the ability to take you out of your harmonized state of being through Fear, Ego, and Jealousy. 


And it's becoming more and more conditioned into our psyche every single day. 


Being a business owner who actively creates content, it is easy to fall into this pitfall myself. This was the main prompt for me to take the week off. There will always be time to work and serve my community, but I cannot get time back to rest and enjoy these different phases of my life. 


However, I found it interesting the responses I received from my online community. 


"You enjoy the well deserved break!

"Well Earned!

"You will be missed! But, this is well deserved!!"


I understand that sentiments were coming from a place of love. But, it made me take a step back and realize how many of us (especially in North America) now believe we need to "deserve" and "earn" rest. We never say to one another, "You deserve to work an extra twenty hours this week on top of your 40 hour work week." But, we are quick to defend ourselves and say, "I deserve this _________ (drink/vacation/luxury), I worked my ass off.


It's almost like we have to justify rest, or rather we have become conditioned to believe that if we are not working non-stop that we are doing something "wrong."

We hear it all the time:

"You can sleep when you're dead."

"If you want this, you have to work hard for it!"

"Oh, you're taking the day off? Must be nice..."


Many business/spiritual coaches and gurus preach about the importance of diligence, tenacity, and work ethic. Yes, these are all important. But so are having fun, prioritizing your health, and regulating your nervous system with pleasure, community, and fellowship. 


If we are not mindful, Social Media can be weaponized against us and make us feel inferior. Please do not fall for this trap. You don't need permission, or achievement, before resting and prioritizing fun. 


Trust me, I am a Capricorn Rising - I love and respect ambition; but, not at the cost of enjoying one's life (that's where my Libra Venus comes in handy). 


It's all about Balance - we know this. Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder. 


The next time you decide to take a personal day, a week off, or an entire year away from your career - do not feel the need to justify it to yourself, or anyone else. 


In the infamous words of Berné Brown, "The body keeps score, and it always wins." Perhaps we can normalize supporting and loving our body at all times instead of tending to it after the fatigue, pain, and exhaustion sets in. 


Just a thought. 


Remember, you can have the career of your dreams while simultaneously experiencing Heaven on Earth. The choice is always yours. 


You Got This! 

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